Erich von Däniken interviews Steve Mera about The Ark of the Covenant, monotonic gold, & ancient giants

Erich von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods Podcast Eps 1 - Steve Mera, the UK’s most respected researcher in the realms of UFOlogy, Unexplained & Supernatural, joins Erich von Daniken in this first premiere screening of the podcast.

They discuss Ancient Mana (otherwise known as Monatomic Gold), The Ark of the Covenant, and the Giants of Ancient Times. "This episode is made with German subtitles - we would like to thank Mr Karl Apsel for his contribution. You can learn more about Karl Apsel by visiting"

Steve Mera is the head tutor for British & U.S. Investigators Training Courses in Ufological Studies and the CEO of Phenomena Magazine, the world’s largest e-zine of its kind, distributed in 12 counties to over 1.8 millions subscribes.

He is an accomplished author of several books, the founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (Est 1996) and the Chairman of MAPIT - Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team (Est 1974), Associative Member: Unifaculty of London Member: Office of Metaphysical Parapsychology, International Radio Host, Freelance Journalist, International Lecturer.

Steve Mera is also, the Official Spokesman for: Fox TV series 'Outcast': Onwinges Productions 'TRAVIS THE MOVIE' Hammer Movie Productions 'The Quiet Ones':

Steve Mera is the Director of Awakenings Expo (UK) where Erich appeared several times as a keynote speaker, Steve is also Executive Producer of Chariots of the Gods 50th Anniversary - BAFTA London

Executive Producer of The Mysterious Bodies of Peru 3 Part Documentary, and the Executive Producer of Richard Dolan's The Chronological History of UFOs TV Series, coming soon on

Visit Phenomena Magazine website - to learn more about UFO INVESTIGATORS COURSE, as well as sign up for a free monthly magazine download.


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