What happens when you die • Researching NDE

Penny Sartori is a British medical researcher in the field of near-death studies. She worked as an intensive care nurse for many years, during which time she cared for many patients who were close to death.

In this interview she tells how she began researching near-death experiences, motivated by experiences she had on the intensive care unit. She describes the fascinating findings of her research, which became known worldwide.

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00:10 How did it come that you did a study into near-death experiences?
06:23 How many people with cardiac arrest did you interview?
06:31 And of those how much had a near-death experience?
09:04 Do you remember any other striking reports?
16:09 So what was the overall conclusion of this?
21:00 You also looked into end of life phenomenon?
25:26 How do we know this is not just a hallucination?
26:02 What do you think is the value of this research for society?
28:06 Have you had experience with patients who committed suicide or tried to commit suicide?
29:44 Can you talk with every client about near-death experiences? Or is there a resistance?
30:06 Have you also heard about hellish experiences during a near-death experience?
34:40 Do you think there is a connection between the way somebody thinks and the kind of near-death experience they have?
36:08 How is this research received in a medical profession?
37:27 Should we encourage discussing and talking about death?
41:13 What do you do to communicate your insights and your experiences?
43:18 What kind of students are they?

Interviewer: Jens Rohrbeck
Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Editor: Werner Huemer


By Thanatos
(Source: youtube.com; January 1, 2018; https://tinyurl.com/y2xncabr)
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