The unified harmonic matrix - the language of the universe is light

The language of the Universe is light, vibration shaped through geometry. Rediscovering the codex of Light Language returns us to the Universal format of communication and realization, through the direct exchange of Consciousness. Awakening our innate capacity for Universal Language opens pathways for us to commune with Beings of all kinds, especially those who travel the Stars, and have mastered the Art of Telepathy.

What is Consciousness? Journey to the heart of spacetime itself, and discover the quantum geometry of the fundamental lattice of energy which composes all things. From first principles, Adam Apollo will share leading edge developments in Unified Physics, and their application in understanding the mechanisms of consciousness and the spiritual faculties of being. Explore the microcosm, metacosm, biocosm, and macrocosm, and discover the fractal holographic synergy between all layers of the Universe, and the ways each layer relates to our experiential awareness. Interweaving the work of Buckminster Fuller, Nassim Haramein, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and other great thinkers of our Age, gain a transcendent and unifying view of our ongoing dance of self-discovery.



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