The Dr. E Show interviews Mary Rodwell

The Dr E Show EP30 - The New Human: Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage, with Mary Rodwell

Topic explored:

* Mary’s backstory, how a conventionally trained nurse, midwife, and counsellor come to become a world-renowned expert in contact/cosmic experiences?

* How do we know these experiences are real?

* Exploring many different avenues to achieve expanded state of awareness (e.g. ayahuasca, reiki, meditation, out-of-body experience, near death experience, seeing ufo in the sky.)

* “When do we accept that we’re more than just a meat body? That we have an essence, a soul, a spirit that doesn’t operate within one reality at all but is multidimensional. “

* Understanding our fears. Is there an agenda that is trying to program fear and trauma into us when we hear about UFOs? And are these justified fears or is it just Hollywood programming?

* How contact with non-physical and/or non-human intelligences can transform lives in practical and tangible ways.

* If we as a society continue to deny these types of experiences, what’s the trajectory that we would see for humanity vs if we courageously and fearlessly open to these possibilities, what’s the other world we could create?

* In counseling children and their families, what are some unusal abilities that Mary has encountered in her clients?

* Mary’s advice for parents of these children with unusual experiences. When to worry? When not to worry?

* “Everyone that is born on this planet is born with the tools to deal with their experiences.” (~44 mins)

* Interesting new perspectives on “the letter people” such as ADHD, Asbergers, etc. and the good news about our transition as a humanity.

* “We’re programmed into this old model of reality that does not fit this new, upgrades, aware, conscious human.” (~51 mins)

* Meeting the new generation of children with compassion and understanding. Is it really a dysfunction or is it just showing us more of our potential?

* Will there be any kind of standardized curriculum for this new generation coming in? Or will customized, personalized educational learning journeys be the wave of the future?

* Mary shares some of her direct experiences with contact.

* Dr. E shares some of her experiences.

* What are all the barriers we’ll have to overcome to open to these experiences? What advice do you have so we can open more easily to all these possibilities?

* How to utilize more of our multidimensional awareness in everyday life

* What is Mary’s #1 advise for tapping into our highest levels of human possibilities?


By Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Welcome to the Dr. E Show! A show exploring the frontiers of our human possibilities - in areas like: health & wellness, science & spirituality, quantum biology, and conscious living - so that together, we can awaken the best of ourselves and create our most joyful and fulfilling lives!

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