Crystal children & the planetary paradigm shift

Mary Rodwell: Founder and Principal of the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network. (ACERN) Co-founder and Director of The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)

Former nurse, midwife, counselor, hypnotherapist and Reki Master, International speaker, researcher & Author of Awakening, How Extraterrestrial Contact can transform your life and The New Human, Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage. (2016) She has produced two award winning documentaries, Expressions of ET Contact a Visual Blueprint and Expressions of ET Contact a Communication and Healing Blueprint? Mary has also produced five series of meditation CD's such as Inner Alchemy.

Recognized Internationally as one of Australia's leading researchers of Encounters with non-human intelligences, she has lectured in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia. She has also featured in several documentaries, including a personal one with her son. "My Mum Talks to Aliens." Produced in Australia by SBS. (2010) ET Contact. They Are Here (2017) Australian Skies 2 (2018) Orenda Force of Conciousness Mary's research explores the Encounter phenomenon from a multidimensional consciousness perspective.

She has worked with families and children. Her research suggests that Star 'Visitors' have orchestrated many complex multidimensional programs to 'upgrade' and activate the consciousness of Homo sapiens. Mary believes this is a global phenomenon and the recent generations of humans, often called indigos' or crystals some labled ADHD, Dyslexic, or Autistic ect. are already 'awake' and conscious of their star orgins and their Earth Mission to help activate the consciousness of Humanity.


By One Foot N5D

Description Experiencer who 'unplugged' and awakened in 2017. Been on the mission to spread as much information and love as I can with the rest of humanity ever since.

Launched on September 27th, 2019. I will be tackling many esoteric subjects consist w/ The Great Awakening including interviews w/ whistleblowers, experiencers, contactees, & insiders. There is no agenda here other than to manifest full disclosure and raise the consciousness of humanity at large.

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