Build up your body and protect yourself

Building your energy body will also affect your physical body.

We are energetic beings. First, before we were born, we were pure light and then through our own intention we developed into matter. It is the same with all human matter: light, energy, then body.

If you trust this to be true, as I do, then you realize you have great ability to affect how you live. Many wise souls have written about how to affect your experience here on Earth. These range from the esoteric (spiritual) to our physical and mental body. Look for these types of teachings that speak to your heart or resonate with you mentally.

Transmute the things that hold you back

If you live with any type of victim mentality, it’s time to let it go. If fear holds you captive, don’t fight it, you will lose. Instead learn to transmute it. If anger, judgement, and/or hostility show up in your thoughts or relationships, look at them as a signal. Recognize these signals as another way, a better way. We may call these expressions negative, but they can be our teachers if we will let them.

I used to think of negative attributes as bad, but I have since learned to view them as ‘unripe’.  As I studied the transliteration for good and evil (bad, negative) in Aramaic I saw it was equated to ripe and unripe. To put that into context, some of our emotions may just be unripe. When we realize this concept, then we can ripen them ourselves with a bit of tweaking. First, though is the realization, next is responsibility for those actions and then comes the ripening. When ripening occurs, we transmute the fear into love, the anger into harmony and the judgement into acceptance.

Our intelligent, physical bodies depend upon us to take care of them. They take the lead from our conscious state. Thus, our conscious thoughts and feelings impact our body. Mystery abounds on just why our bodies don’t function as we desire for them to do so. Toxins and poor choices could be the culprit as well as something even deeper. Maybe we need to have an experience to take us to a place we may have never ventured. What does this mean?

Your body as a vehicle

Think of your body as a train, a car, a plane any mode of transportation. As an adult, you pretty much choose the direction. Yet sometimes another car veers in your path (toxins) or you lose control (bad choices), and you get thrown out; scratching your head and wondering what happen. Your car is not operating, it is smoking, hissing and needs repair. As you wait for help, you have some choices to make. Do you leave the car and forget it, then think, it didn’t work well anyway? Do you scream and cry, become a mess and ask, “Why is this happening to me, I was having a beautiful drive”, or do you ponder and wonder, “What am I to know about this situation”?

Realize one beautiful truth

If we can but realize one beautiful truth, then the car wreck can be an ally, not a disaster. The diagnosis can be our friend. The loss or break up of a loved one, can allow another part of our self to develop new attributes. We have choices. As we know this, then we can gain fresh perspectives which will enhance our experience, not make it a misery. This is where the idiom comes into light. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

We have options to enhance our experiences

Begin with one option and then explore others. No matter the state of your physical body, you are whole, complete and lack nothing.  Please don’t let the state of your physical expression negate any of your beautiful self.

Is accepting who you are as an energetic, powerful being difficult?  Start by treating your body well with super foods. Nutrition is an excellent way to reach higher states of consciousness. Choose some super foods to add into your diet, while you research ways that feel right for you to optimize your body. There are many, many plans to achieve good health.  One may work well for you and another work well for your neighbor. If they are formulated with good health in mind, then neither is good nor bad. The factor is what works for you.

Possibly you don’t have the strength or stamina to choose a path for yourself. Then, look for a holistic professional with excellent credentials who can guide you. Do your homework or check within a community of holistically minded people to find your right caregiver.

Remember and acknowledge; you are the master of your field, your life, your destiny

Your current physical state (being ill, infirmed, disabled) does not diminish your energetic mastery. There are multiple ways to increase your energy body. Along with nutrition; you may include body work, meditation, being in nature, doing things that bring you joy.

How to protect your vulnerable self as you heal or develop your super strong self

Go to your Mother. I am speaking of your original mother, the birther of your light. She resides everywhere. She is found especially in Nature. Remember she is pure light and energy; she emanates these qualities as we seek her and desire to be in relation with her. If you can’t be in nature, where Mother energy abounds, then bring nature to you. Some options: choose artwork or pictures of landscapes that thrill your heart, crystals (stones from the Earth), houseplants, enjoy the elements and celestial bodies (rain, wind, sun, planets, stars). Choose anything to set your mind and heart on items not created by humankind.

Turn off the noise. Notice the triggers in your environment that cause you to feel anxious or stressed, the news maybe? How about the music you listen to? Does it make you feel good? How about entertainment sources? Upgrade all areas of your experience that others have control over you. How do they have control? You let them into your head and energetic space.

Nutrition, yes this is a big deal. Our current food supply has enough toxic elements to create its own artificial light. Choose fresh and organic as possible, frozen goods are a good option as well. Eat a portion of raw ingredients every day or every meal if you can: fresh greens, veggies, nuts and seeds. Our bodies crave good nutrition, it is what builds the healthy cells and blood.


By Julia Parsell

Julia Parsell has been trained as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She was raised in a Christian family and has enjoyed a personal spiritual practice for over 30 years. A deep connection to spirit (for as long as she can remember, a young girl) has guided her life. She believes in the power of prayer and has experienced it's power. It is her desire and life purpose to encourage others to connect or reconnect with their true selves and live a liberated life.

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