The CIA Climate Control Memorandum of 1960

CIA, 1960, Memorandum for : General Charles P. Cabell, Subject: Climate Control


  1. Comprehension of the uncomprendable!
  2. Why Climate Control?
  3. ClimateControl results in ClimateChange! 
  4. Explaining some notions.
  5. Truth within the labyrinth of lies.
  6. The CIA-Memorandum
  7. The "good" CIA job.
  8. Other Historic Documents
  9. Sources
  10. Other Papers confirming ClimateControl!
  11. Geophysical Warfare in practice!


1. Comprehension of the uncomprendable!

Before the climatology scam began, the CIA wrote a memorandum named "Climate Control". Under the conditions of post WWII and ongoing cold war. After 20 years of research the development and usage of climate control methods was proposed and the official implementation started with this memorandum.

The paper reveals not only the intention of global water grabbing (GWG) for desert farming and climate control as the WMD of "Geophysical Warfare", but climate control as the main reason for the development of nuclear energy! According to this paper the nuclear power plants are proposed as the source of magnitude energy, required for climate control!

Definitely, climate control is the backbone of BPMED (Bankster Pervert Military Empire of Deception) - just to give the monster a descriptive name.

As the CIA is managing the global roll out of the climate control at least since 1960 and to enable this, manipulates the common education, the research at universities and institutional science, the public opinion by news in the media and its NGOs and straw men, the CIA is factually the top organization of Global Climate Control Governance (GCCG).

Dear readers, the monster may not like to be named like that, but other creative names exist:

It doesn't matter how we name it or how it names and describes itself, it is decisive that we are able to recognize the imperial monster! Words form thoughts and by suggestive thought humans are programmed! Also for that a notion already exist: Neuro Linguistic Programmig (NLP).

The authorization of a secret service organization to lead this project resulted in a World of Fakeness, where all imaginable kinds of mendacity are the consequence of this fake secrecy, because even the secrecy is not real, as it has to disguise from mind, what cannot be hidden from eyes.

It is sad to observe that this fakeness strategy works very well until now. With this sociological experiment the CIA implements Social Geoengineering and has disclosed the abyss of humanity. It proved that all humans can easily be mind blinded and dumbified, independent of their "education level", income, age, sex, culture, location, religion or whatever else property they may have. Therefore we have to contrast every notion with a notion of fakeness, by prefixing it with the word "fake", enabling us to describe the upside downed world. Only by that we may become mentally able to distance and deprogram ourselves from the labyrinth of fakeness.

The conglomerate of fakenesses:

We have to liberate us from control of our language by the NLP of fakeness, just to become able to think clearly.

Dear people willing to think, the method of liberation is very simple. When You lied at, the truth is not far away. In most cases it is the opposite of the lie or at least something different from the message of the lie.

2. Why Climate Control?

Most people still think that petrol is the commodity, on which the Petrodollar is based. So, why should the climate control be the backbone of it?  The answer is multilayered.

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