Could this be the solution to our Earth and ocean pollution epidemic?

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    One of the biggest environmental challenges we face is pollution. This affects our land masses and our oceans. CarbonCycle is an initiative that converts waste into useable materials.

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    Through Earth Cycle, you can help get involved in this great initiative. See the Earth Cycle link below for more details.

It is no secret that we are generating waste at an alarming rate across the entire planet. What’s worse is that much of this waste ends up in landfills where it won’t break down properly for centuries or even longer. Let’s not forget about the astronomical amount of waste that is being dumped into our oceans and waterways — polluting the oceans themselves along with the entirety of the marine life and coral reefs.

Often, because it this isn’t something that we see, in our faces every day it is easy to take an “out of sight, out of mind,” type of attitude in regards to this issue. Thankfully many environmentally responsible companies are emerging to try and figure out a solution to this problem of epidemic proportions.

CarbonCycle, for example, has the initiative to convert unwanted waste into value-added products with their proprietary technology. They are able to create a multitude of usable carbon and oil-based products from plastic, tires, paper, and other materials.

America alone generates more than 500 billion pounds of municipal waste annually. This garbage is generally sent to a landfill, burned, or dumped into our waterways and oceans. Of course, this causes obvious environmental issues and is a financial and ethical one for many industries. The waste that is being thrown out is made from valuable natural resources that are being drastically underutilized and have been for decades. This all comes at a cost to the consumers, companies, our planet Earth and the future of our children.

What Can We Do?

CarbonCycle’s solution is to reinvent the age-old technology of pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is a relatively new technology that essentially can create the equivalent of energy “gold” from straight up garbage. This involves taking the waste and then heating it in a batch manner; depriving of oxygen, they are then able to separate the various materials into their most basic elemental components. For example, plastic is essentially made from oil, whereas wood and paper products are comprised of mostly carbon. These byproducts — oil and carbon have numerous applications from bio-diesel to water and air filters.

Their unique business model reverses the concept of paying for the materials and COGs and is able to create a revenue from it instead. They are able to do this by offering an environmentally and financially responsible option for unwanted material and disposal at a discounted cost to their customers. They accept the “waste” material and are able to turn it into high-demand and revenue generating commodities. Our current method of waste disposal doesn’t even compare to the technology and processes that use little to no additional energy and produce next to no harmful pollutants that CarbonCycle offers.

What’s More

America is currently spending a minimum of 13.5 Billion dollars on waste disposal at landfills — this number is only expected to grow. At the same time, there has been more pressure put on companies to move towards a zero-waste policy or purchase carbon credits. CarbonCycle allows companies alternative options at a discount and the opportunity to recycle their waste at a much lower cost.

Believe it or not, the crude oil market tops $1.7 Trillion dollar market and there is a large demand for sustainable, carbon neutral and domestic sourcing.

The market for crude oil is an astonishing 1.7 trillion dollar market with a high demand for a carbon neutral, sustainable and domestic sourcing. The entire diverse carbon market is over $15 billion, it includes charcoal, activated carbon, biochar and a variety of other industrial uses.

Could This Be The Solution We Have Been Looking For?

Some more quick facts about CarbonCycle,

  • Their patented technologies enable 98% of all industrial, agricultural and urban waste to be converted into energy, biofuel, and biochar, all awhile creating 0.00% toxic emissions.
  • CarbonCycle’s model produces 30-70% annual return on investment because they sell the produced energy and products at a fraction of the cost of market value.
  • In Collaboration with EarthCycle an international decentralized resource pool for sustainable and green positive change businesses, CarbonCycle has created a franchise like model that will allow these facilities to be built and managed anywhere in the world.
  • If every landfill in the world utilized a CarbonCycle model and facility they could create much more annual profit, while drastically reducing the amount of environmental toxicity and lowering the amount of stored waste to 2%.
  • The EarthCycle fund intends to build CarbonCycle facilities on aircraft carriers in an effort to start gathering and processing plastic and other trash that is currently polluting our oceans, first stop, The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

We have the ability to get the trash out of the landfills and the oceans and turn it back into something useful, rather than having it sit there and pollute our planet. Why wouldn’t we start to utilize this method?

CarbonCycle is one of several world-changing solutions being funded by EarthCycle; a decentralized resource pool for green positive change businesses. Learn more and get involved at


By Alanna Ketler

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