The Old Ones - evidence for a pre-human civilisation

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Could the hobbits and dwarfs from mythology be real and be part of a pre-Human civilization? In the 1800s, the Canadian anthropologist Robert Grant Haliburton investigated encounters with mystical red skinned pigmy tribes in Morocco and Libya. Remnants of similar anomalous people (and their modern day descendant have been found Iran's "City of Dwarfs" and Makhunik. These people have been linked to the theories of Dr Susan Martinez, (author of ‘The History of the Little People), where she states that these people and their descendants could be what's left of a global pre-human civilization that existed before the Great Flood.

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0:00 Intro

2:46 The Cursed Tribes of Morocco

4:26 Iran's City of Dwarfs

11:49 The Theory of The Old Ones (hobbits, djinn and nasnas)


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Vadim Krakhmal

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