The Gosford Glyphs - new evidence

UnchartedX investigation into the Gosford Glyphs, encompassing recent research that draws some startling new conclusions as to the authenticity of the site, and challenges all previous claims on both sides of the argument.

Is it truly connection between sea-faring ancient Egpytians and a pre-colonial Australia, or simply a long running hoax?

The site known as the Gosford Glyphs is a collection of some roughly 300 ancient Egyptian Heiroglyphs carved into a sandstone canyon, near the township of Gosford on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia. Since the site was first discovered in the 1970's it's been surrounded by controversy and claims, but recent new research is shining a light on the need for a re-evaluation of this interesting and beautiful place deep in the Australian bush.


Gosford Glyphs Analysis paper:

Khemit School Gosford Glyphs chapter 1 (premise):

Khemit School Gosford Glyphs chapter 2 (symbol by symbol):

Khemit School Gosford Glyphs chapter 1 (full translation):


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