Groundbreaking archaeological and scientific discovery in the Jordanian Black Desert

Virtudes Pontes Sánchez

Researcher with research activities for more than 28 years in the areas of ancient scriptures, apocrypha, mythology, legend and megalithic archaeology

Introduction to my discovery in the Jordanian Black Desert.

The central aim of this dissertation is to prove the true history of humankind, as well as the reality of the creation of human being and the other living creatures and confirm through completely conclusive and verifiable evidence by any expert in biology

 The current issue is addressed to all disciplines of biology in all fields of research concerning living species, the human being, together with all animal and vegetal beings in order that all experts keep a close eye to the next statement of facts and evidence:

In the Jordanian Black Desert several circles can be clearly distinguished thanks to the technological development which makes effective the high-definition photographing from satellites Said circles compound specific geoglyphs and are created with stones of basalt Furthermore, they are still a matter of speculation by archaeologists, who have speculated about different theories and scopes. However, no archaeologist has a clear idea of what they really represent and their finality.

When I saw those images and after my experience of more than 28 years researching the ancient scripture and the megalithic archaeology I realized what the above mentioned circles of basalt are and the role they fulfill You will find some pictures of the aforesaid circles and my thesis explaining my conclusions here below:

Picture of the geoglyphs located in the Jordanian desert.

Hereby I put before you my research: The concerned geoglyphs constitute maps of embryonic experiments, and if you pay close attention to the picture you will realize the result of two species: one is human, whereas the other is reptilian

The five embryos located on the left side of the picture are human, whereas the remaining embryos are reptilian.

They show the embryonic development until they become blastocyst.

Please find here below several pictures representing the different stages of development of an embryo until it becomes a blastocyst through the microscope

As you can see, the pictures representing the geoglyphs and the latter pictures are the same kind of pictures. Both display embryos in development, with the difference that the geoglyphs located on the desert are dated 8,500 years old pursuant to the archaeologists.

These geoglyphs are not only situated in the Jordanian desert, but also in more countries, as well as around the area where the ancient scriptures speak of the Garden of Eden.

There are geoglyphs representing stem cells as well, such as these appearing on the next pictures:

There is, in fact, much more in said vast area than you can imagine, till a good explanation is issued about the reason of their composition of stones of basalt. There are plenty of images able to prove that we all were created here and that there is no theory of evolution. The ancient scriptures are right in saying there is creation.

As you shall see, it is easy for biologists to verify this. I know it is real and one of the greatest discoveries for humankind to see its true origin.

I am looking for honest biologists willing to show the reality to the world with the aim to compose a good team of specialists and to be able to explain all what these geoglyphs represent along with all my research, given that they constitute conclusive evidence both of our origin and the origin of the other species populating this planet.

Even the ancient scriptures report that science would move forward and would tell and the sealed books would be opened. Books as these were written throughout the planet and science progressed and microscopes and satellites were developed said books are being opened

I have the most evident project to expose to the whole world the real history and I am looking for biologists as my collaborators, specialists in all disciplines, ie human, zoological and vegetal, who are committed to reveal this truth to the public opinion, in order to create the best team of professional for such a spectacular work, unique in the history of humankind

In case of interest in my project you will find my contact details here below:

Virtudes Pontes Sánchez

Phone: +34 602 24 52 47

Electronic mail: [email protected]


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