Erich Von Daniken unravels the biggest secrets of ancient Egypt

Erich von Daniken's reveals startling evidence that an alien race helped to create the pyramids of Egypt, a claim he based upon the ruins themselves. And it is these ruins that now provide researchers with a never-ending source of clues, compelling discoveries, revelations, and evidence that Earth was indeed colonized by an alien race: -Research showing that the location and design of the pyramids were uniquely fit for preservation-something the Egyptians couldn't possibly have known.

Remains of the ships built by the Pharaohs and buried with them for travel in the afterlife-imitations of the ships they saw used by men from the sky. -The most recent discoveries-hidden chambers and passageways, one of which ends at an ancient door. And behind the door is...the unknown. -Prehistoric bones that prove the existence of a worldwide cult that deformed children's skulls in imitation of the "gods" they had seen. -New interpretations of ancient writings-and new speculations on ancient mysteries.


By Erich von Däniken Official

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