Marine says he saw ‘Bigfoot’ in Connecticut

A Connecticut veteran says he saw an unidentified biped.

The eyewitness, whose name and location were provided but were kept anonymous, claims he was walking in the woods with his son when the sighting took place in October 2019.

“It was around 11:30 a.m., very bright and sunny, and I was walking with my adult son. There was a wall, about 2 feet tall,” he told BFRO investigator Mike Young.

Suddenly, he reports, a “black figure” showed up behind the wall.

“The black animal was about 5 feet tall and at first I thought it was a bear.”

But the alleged animal was walking on two legs and after five seconds it walked into the woods.

“I didn’t see its face but it had a cone-shaped head, no neck. A slim body with very black hair and long swinging arms with short legs,” he recalls.

He claims the creature didn’t run but that “it moved very fast”.


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