Syrian Army detects Saudi-made chemical weapons

... in Terrorists’ positions in Southern Damascus

Yesterday night the Syrian Army troops continued its operation in the newly-liberated Yalda, Bebeila and Beit Sahm areas in Southern Damascus, detecting an explosive workshop and Saudi chemical materials .

According to Inside Syria Media Center Sources, a large number of Saudi-made powerful explosives  was found in the workshop.

At the same time, a network of tunnels was discovered by the government forces in the region that was used by the jihadists to transfer arms and weapons to different battlefields.

Moreover, the Syrian army’s engineering units discovered the weapons and arms during the cleaning operation in the area of Eastern Qalamoun which recently were evacuated by Jeish al-Islam and HTS.

The government forces discovered a number of tanks and a large number of missiles, mortars, anti-tank missiles, which had been hidden by the terrorists in their hideouts.

It is also said that the Syrian army also found a large number of drugs as well as Nitrogen chemicals used by the terrorists to make different bombs and mortars that all carried with Turkish and Saudi labels.


(Source:; June 4, 2018;
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