Senate HELP hearing was five white men in the seats

... and 500 women in the halls

No one was allowed into the HELP Hearing. They clogged the halls.

On Tuesday, five white men met to discuss the vaccination status of a nation of 327,000,000 men, women and children of every race, creed and color. They met to discuss removing medical choice by imposing federal vaccine mandates.  We had hoped one of the white men would be Robert Kennedy, Jr to balance if not the demographics, then to balance out the position of 100% pro-vaccine mandates. To discuss why exemptions are necessary in a free nation where each citizen has medical rights and a unique biological status. 

Watch the hearing here.

More than 500 (majority) women  moved heaven and earth to get to Washington, DC to watch the hearing. These are women with vaccine injured children, most of whom have autism. It takes an act of Congress (ha ha) for us to leave the house for any sort of business trip. And there they were. BARRED from entering the open seats in the hearing room.

"Jane Crow" laws in action.  Back of the hall, ladies. The new Green Book will be where an un- or not fully vaccinated child can attend school, or day care or where parents can work.

We scare the white men in the hearing seats. Even the youngest man there, an 18 year old who defamed his own Mother and took his Percy Weasley moment in front of the cameras. Imagine a hearing on abortion where women are not allowed to participate. Imagine a hearing on breast cancer where women are not allowed to have a voice. This hearing affects MOTHERS - because we take our kids to the pediatrician as a rule. WE stay home on sick days. WE call early intervention when our toddler stops talking. Women. And yes, most of us are white, by the demographics of the USA. MeToo has nothing for us. We and our children will be pillaged for pharma gain at the whim of the men. With a nation cheering the event. 

We are lighthouses. And they are tearing us down as they head for the rocks.  Kim


By Kim Rossi / Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.
(Source:; March 7, 2019;
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